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Karina Sumano, TEFL Graduate 2014
After graduating college, I knew I wanted to travel and explore the world. I decided that I could teach English to pay for my travels and found Proyecto Montezuma after months of research. This really was the perfect way to get TEFL certified and still enjoy plenty of free time on the beach. During my time in Proyectyo Montezuma, I was able to get hands-on teaching experience by creating my own lesson plans and actually teaching classes right away. There was only one other student in my TEFL class, which was nice because we got more individual attention, but classes were very laid back overall. Kerri and Jacqueline were awesome teachers and always eager to help. I’m glad I chose to do my TEFL in Montezuma because it truly is a beautiful place with plenty of adventure and exciting people. Right before I graduated from my TEFL course I was offered a job at Intercultura in Heredia where I currently work. These past few months have definitely been unforgettable and one of the best learning experiences. If you have any questions about the my experience in the TEFL program or my current job, please feel free to email me at:

Kelly Anderson, TEFL Graduate 2013IMG_0340
I decided to go to Montezuma and earn my TEFL certificate as a way to balance fun, adventure, and learning.  I was greeted with much more than I could ever imagine.  Not only was I able to work with an amazing, intelligent, and fun group of students and teachers, but it opened my eyes to what the definition of “teaching” really is.  I have been a teacher in the US for nine years and this experience made me remember why I chose education as my profession.  When I returned to teach in Vermont this fall, I was eager to share my experience with my students and to utilize what I learned about the art of teaching.  Each one of my current students keeps a shell from Costa Rica in their desk and it is their “spark” that they use when they are having a rough day.  Since I have been home, I have been dreaming about going back to Proyecto Montezuma to learn more and to reconnect with the wonderful people who live and work in the community!

Beau Parker, TEFL Graduate 2013
I stayed here for a month in August to earn my TEFL certification. Kerri and Bill are great and will help you with whatever you need. The hostel us right on the ocean. The view is amazing and you can listen to the waves as you fall asleep. If you are thinking about getting your TEFL certification I recommend proyecto. Jacqueline and Windi are amazing teachers and passionate about their work. Proyecto Montezuma is an amazing place to stay.

Brian White, TEFL Graduate 2012

TEFL certificateI wanted to get my TEFL certification because I thought it would open up opportunities to travel and work abroad. I wanted to gain some experience teaching, and I thought this would be an excellent way to do that. I chose Proyecto because I heard about the program and the area from a friend who was traveling in Costa Rica and he highly recommended both the area and the people I would meet. I got amazing instruction on how to teach English to any age/level and got some real teaching experience in Cabuya elementary school. I got to experience a culture, unlike anything I had been in before, and met some of the best and most genuine people that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I also got to enjoy the paradise that is Montezuma and all it has to offer, especially the surfing!

Blair Brodie, TEFL Graduate 2012 – I had been working for 10 years in the corporate world and was increasingly getting the feeling that I needed to be doing something more fulfilling and satisfying with my life. I heard from a friend about Proyecto Montezuma and the idea quickly formed that I would take the leap – quit my job, obtain my TEFL certification and move abroad. The skills and the confidence I received from Proyecto Montezuma was invaluable and immediately inspired me to be passionate about teaching. I’m happy to say that I now live and teach in Ravensburg, Germany and write about my new life and adventures at Deciding to get my certification from Proyecto Montezuma changed my life and was the experience of a lifetime!

TEFLEllis Dixon, 2011 TEFL Graduate – I finished my TEFL course in 2011 at Proyecto Montezuma and had a blast- the course was just rigorous enough to be serious, but chill enough to coincide with surfing lessons. Montezuma is a great little town- there was lots to do (snorkeling at Tortugo Island, surfing at Playa Grande, or just relaxation time spent at the beach) and the locals welcoming. It was the perfect mix of vacation and certification. Since graduation, I have taught Art and Fashion at the University of Colorado at Boulder’s Summer Study Program, I have taught Intermediate and Advanced English at Rennert Billingual school in New York City, taught private Business English classes through Blue Ocean English Consultants in Brazil, and am now teaching the Cambridge Intensive English Course in Lisbon, Portugal at the Weltsprachen Institute. Getting my TEFL certification was the best thing I have done for myself since college. In the course of one month, I have arranged work for myself all over the world, and couldn’t be happier with the results. I am blessed that I found the program and what’s more, blessed to have made lifelong friends in the process. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the course and with Montezuma as a whole. I know you will have a wonderful experience there as I did and come out with a new outlook, direction, and most importantly, a pura vida.

Mary O’Connor, 2011 TEFL Graduate – I had always planned on taking a TEFL course and teaching English abroad after i graduated college. I’m a beach bum and I love being active outdoors, so Costa Rica was somewhere I was very interested in going. I searched online for TEFL programs and found Proyecto Montezuma. It appealed to me more than any other program I came across because of the non-profit English school, the setting, and the size of the program. I had an incredible experience in Montezuma. My TEFL course was very small so i received a lot of individual support and I was able to get to know Kerri, Bill and my students very well. We taught regular English classes in the local public school, as well as private lessons with artisans and other adults from the community at the Proyecto Lodge.  I also did a month of surf school (and was able to coordinate my teaching schedule according to the tides!). I fell in love with Montezuma, and actually declined a teaching job in Thailand to stay in Costa Rica longer. I went back to the US for a couple of months, then returned to Montezuma again to teach summer camp! I had a life-changing experience, and would highly recommend Proyecto Montezuma. I’m now living in Cuzco, Peru, working as a coordinator for an international volunteer organization called United Planet. I am also teaching English to a group of students from rural communities outside of the city 2 days a week, and helping to design an English program for one of our new after-school projects here in Cuzco. Check out my photos from Costa Rica/Peru  and feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my experience with Proyecto Montezuma!